Host Karin Sconzert welcomes Dr. Elaine Allensworth, the Lewis-Sebring Director of the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research to discuss the limitations of ACT scores in predicting college completion...

Chicago schools CEO search

For Nicole Spicer at Chicago’s Bronzeville Classical, news that the district’s CEO, Janice Jackson, plans to step down stirred anxious questions: Could the city enlist a leader with the experience, education chops and mettle to replace her? What would it take to draw that kind of leader to the traditionally high-pressure job at an especially high-pressure moment?

Navigating the Maze

In this report, we begin unpacking this question by looking at six years of patterns of college enrollment, non-enrollment, and completion for the approximately 63,000 CPS students who graduated high school between 2010 and 2012.

Many worry about ‘learning loss,’ but has this really been a lost year for CPS students?

There were some tough days for Alanna Barber’s kids in remote learning the past year.

Barber’s third-grade son, Sean, lost patience at times. She had to juggle Sean’s classes with her kindergartner’s first year in school. Barber ended up leaving her job as a school cafeteria manager in another district to stay home with her children...

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