Chicago adopts new policy for evaluating how schools are doing

The Chicago school board unanimously approved a new system for evaluating campuses that district leaders vowed will make the city a national leader in rethinking how to size up school quality.

The new policy, named “Continuous Improvement and Data Transparency,” formally replaces the district’s controversial school ratings system, which had long come under fire for overemphasizing standardized test scores and unfairly labeling high-poverty campuses...

A decade after Rahm Emanuel closed nearly 50 schools, CPS faces a drastically different landscape

Rousemary Vega gets emotional when she walks down Augusta Boulevard in Humboldt Park. It's hard for the mother of five to see the former Lafayette Elementary School with its signs now touting the Chicago High School for the Arts.

"They closed Lafayette School and gave it to another school. Do you know how fucked up that is?" she asks. "Me and my children have to walk past it every day. And now that building is not open to the community. They have great programs in there that the community cannot benefit from. How unfair is that?"

Chicago is about to shift how it measures school quality as ratings go away

The Chicago school board Wednesday will consider a new policy formally doing away with a longstanding and controversial system that rated schools on a scale of 1+ to 3.

The new draft policy for sizing up schools’ performance, in the works since 2019, would expand the metrics used to evaluate campuses — and aims to place greater emphasis on how schools promote students’ social and emotional development...

New research again says maybe test scores should not be end all be all for high schools

The UChicago Consortium on School Research is one of the most respected education research groups in the country, and they just published Investing in Adolescents High School Climate and Organizational Context Shape Student Development and Educational Attainment.

I’m going to share my short-and-sweet synopsis, along with a tweet from one of the study’s co-authors, but it’s definitely worth reviewing the entire report...

With Brandon Johnson at the helm, big shifts are ahead for Chicago Public Schools

After beating eight other candidates to become Chicago’s next mayor, buoyed by more than $2 million in support from the Chicago Teachers Union, Brandon Johnson will take the helm of Chicago Public Schools with his inauguration May 15 — embarking on a four-year term that will see Illinois’ largest school district profoundly changed.

Timothy Knowles

Timothy Knowles currently serves as president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Over his career, Knowles has worked in K–12, higher education, and philanthropic institutions. He has founded and led multiple social sector and commercial organizations, served on a wide range of boards, and writes and speaks widely on public policy, education, and entrepreneurship.

Albert Bertani

Albert Bertani is currently a senior fellow with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Across his career, he has served in multiple teaching and leadership roles in K–12 education and higher education. He also has served as a board member for Learning Forward, UChicago Impact, and Leading Educators.

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