What Chicago schools got right about parent outreach amid the pandemic

In Chicago and beyond, the pandemic strained the ties between schools and families like never before: Some students tuned out virtual instruction, disengaging from learning completely. Once students were back in the classroom, parents craved information and reassurance about how schools were keeping their children safe amid surge after COVID surge.

Bryan Burns

Bryan is from Chicago, where he attended the University of Chicago Charter School Woodlawn campus in high school. He currently attends Denison University as a first-year where he majors in politics and public affairs, with a minor in Black studies.

University of Chicago study reveals benefits of early bilingual education for English Learners

Illinois school districts are reporting a shortage of bilingual education teachers with as many as 100 vacancies, as of October.

To help fill the void, the Illinois State Board of Education announced the launch of a $4 million grant to cover tuition costs for teachers interested in becoming licensed to teach English-language learners...

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