Sharon Greenberg

Sharon Greenberg is formerly a CPS high school English teacher and presently a quality improvement advisor and a literacy and education consultant. She is a cofounder of the Center for School Improvement, where she was director of research and director of literacy. She also was a cabinet member and literacy consultant to Barbara Eason Watkins when she was the CPS Chief Education Officer.

How a City Learned to Improve Its Schools

In 1987, Chicago was among the most troubled school systems in America. Thirty years later it ranked among the most improved. How a City Learned to Improve its Schools offers an account of how this transformation in Chicago’s schools occurred at every level from enhancing classroom instruction, to the organization of more engaging and effective school communities, to strengthening the preparation and support of teachers and school leaders, to sustaining an ambitious evidence-based public informing agenda on the progress of key reform initiatives and the challenges still ahead.

From funding to testing, here’s how Chicago mayoral candidates differ on plans for CPS

Chicago Public Schools’ next chapter hangs on the result of the April 4 mayoral runoff election between two candidates boasting unusually strong ties to public education — and diametrically opposed ideas for schools.

Paul Vallas plans drastic changes to CPS’ structure, bolstering principals and local leaders’ power over spending and programming — and even the ability to let a charter school take over their campus. He would prioritize standardized testing and make it easier to hold students back a grade so they don’t graduate without necessary reading and math skills...

Using student surveys to cultivate better learning environments

I recently participated in a half–day advisory board meeting in which Teach for America shared its new approach to coaching recruits. It was a treat to learn more about the Cultivate Survey, developed by my colleague Camille Farrington who manages the UChicago Consortium on School Research. Camille is currently adapting the survey for use by TFA coaches to use with new corps members.

In Chicago, a watershed moment for teens transitioning to the rest of their lives

Alexis Mennis has a light breakfast around 5 a.m. then heads off to the Greek American Rehabilitation & Care Centre in Wheeling, where she works as a certified nursing assistant. After her shift, the Rolling Meadows High School senior goes to a physiology class at Harper College, then wraps up the day practicing with the high school track team.

Exploring Chicago Connected

Key Findings

  • 28% of eligible students participated in Chicago Connected by May 2021—68,385 of 242,471 eligible students.
  • Participation rates were higher for students in households for lower economic means.
  • English Learners and students with disabilities were more likely to participate in Chicago Connected—but differences in participation rates for students with disabilities was not statistically significant in our multilevel models
  • There wa
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