Bucking misconceptions, many English language learners in Chicago keeping pace with fluent English speakers

Wilma Milagros David knows that her bilingual students at Sandoval Elementary in Gage Park are working hard. As principal she sees them at school, improving in math or focusing on work even when they may be tired or have trouble at home. 

But the progress David sees her students make hasn’t always shown up in the research about bilingual students...

U. of C. study indicates that bilingual students’ performance is equal or better than their peers

The University of Chicago’s Consortium of School Research recently published a report that shows English Learners who start in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) in Kindergarten progress to eighth grade with similar or better academic achievement than their peers who are proficient in English.

Madison West High School tries new equation to boost GPA

Freshmen students at Madison high schools won’t receive any grade lower than 40 percent in some of their classes as part of a new grading system meant to improve students' GPA.

The practice diverts from the norm in most classes, where students are graded on a 100-point scale and anything lower than 60 is failing. But that system makes it more difficult for students to move from a failing grade to a passing grade, said Karen Boran, principal at Madison West High School...

English-language learners are matching, exceeding other CPS students

Many students learning English when they arrive at Chicago Public Schools go on to not only match their peers, but surpass them academically, according to a new long-term study released Tuesday that flies in the face of previous research that showed the group far behind.

The study by the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research followed the progress of 18,000 such CPS students — referred to as English learners (ELs) — from kindergarten through eighth grade...

Common Core

Ten years ago, states across the country began to embrace a new set of tougher learning standards in public schools. This new model, called Common Core, was meant to transform how students are taught and what they learn. The goal was to raise the bar and level the playing field for schools across the country.

Today, Common Core is well-established across classrooms in Illinois — and many teachers say it has indeed transformed the way they teach and given students the critical thinking skills they need for the modern world...

Two-day campus seminar covers learning and development in classrooms

The Illinois campus welcomed Dr. Camille A. Farrington in November as a keynote speaker of the two-day seminar "Creating Social Impact: Enhancing Skills for Educators and School-Based Community Service Personnel."

The event was jointly sponsored by the School of Social Work, the Bureau of Educational Research in the College of Education, the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute, and the Center for Prevention Research and Development...

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