CPS: Elementary students topped pre-pandemic literacy rate in preliminary standardized test results

With school districts across the country still grappling with learning loss due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chicago Public Schools announced Thursday that students in grades 3-8 appear to have performed better on English language proficiency tests, on average, than they did in 2018-19, the last full school year before the pandemic disrupted in-person learning. 

Living near violence can negatively impact academic performance

Chicago Public Schools students who live in direct proximity to a homicide often suffer in the classroom afterwards, but a new report from the University of Chicago examined the ways schools can mitigate the impact that violence has on kids. 

The findings of that report, published this week by UChicago’s Consortium on School Research, show the ways some schools are already working to limit the negative effects that living near violence can have on students...

Family Playbook: School Suspensions, Discipline & Restorative Justice

Understanding student discipline and suspensions data and research can empower parents to help their children and school communities flourish. 

This playbook summarizes research and data that shows suspensions negatively affect all students; some students are suspended more than others; the positive effects of restorative justice; and more. It also includes actions parents can take to learn more about their child’s school’s approach to school discipline and school climate.

Prep Period with the UChicago Consortium

Launched in 2023, Prep Period with the UChicago Consortium on School Research is a collaboration with The White Rhino Blog for educators who work with low-income students of color. The episodes bring the Consortium's research together with student, family, and teacher voices for insights on the most important conversations in schools today. 

Episode 1: Pandemic experiencese. Hear reflections from Chicago students about their experience learning during the pandemic. 

Q&A: Grades and Test Scores Video

What do standardized test scores and grades tell us? What don’t they tell us? How might they best be used? 

These questions are frequently discussed and debated among teachers, principals, parents, policymakers, and researchers. 

Maureen Kelleher of FutureEd talks with the UChicago Consortium’s Elaine Allensworth about what the research says about standardized tests and grades.

Nueva información dirigida a familias con estudiantes de inglés en las Escuelas Públicas de Chicago

Si su hijo es o ha sido un estudiante de inglés en CPS, puede que tenga preguntas acerca del rendimiento de los estudiantes de inglés. ¡Un nuevo estudio del Consortium on School Research de la Universidad de Chicago evidencia que los estudiantes de inglés están progresando adecuadamente en CPS! 

El mismo información en inglés aquí.

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