More Chicago students are going to college

Even as more Chicago students go to college, the neighborhood where they live — not just the high school they attend — has a major impact on whether they ultimately attain a degree. New research from the University of Chicago’s To&Through Project shows that community areas have a significant impact on educational attainment outcomes — findings that researchers say underscore the need for deeper investments in housing security, health care access, and transportation to address the barriers facing Chicago students...

Chicago’s 5-year high school graduation rate hits record amid the pandemic

Despite the pandemic’s disruption, Chicago high school students graduated at a record high rate for the second year in a row this past spring, with upticks for students of all races.

Overall, 83.8% of students graduated in five years in 2021, compared with a rate of 82.5% last year, the district said Thursday. That increase comes after a year of largely remote learning, marked by increases in failing grades and drops in attendance, especially for students of color...

Ella Marrero

As a Research Analyst at the UChicago Consortium, Ella cleans large-scale databases and conducts statistical analyses to help create and maintain resources that support students, teachers, and administrators in CPS. Prior to joining the UChicago Consortium, Ella worked as a Data Archive Research Assistant for the Committee on Education at the University of Chicago. She also previously worked as a lab assistant, behavioral science consultant, and barista. Ella is interested in integrating data-driven research with practice to effectively improve students' experiences.

May Malone

May Malone is the Senior Public Engagement Strategist at the Urban Education Institute. In this role, May helps to expand awareness of and engagement with the research- and practice-based knowledge that UEI produces. May most recently worked as a Kimpton Fellow at the Urban Education Institute in the department of Stategic Communications and National Engagement. May is an award-winning filmmaker specializing in documentaries and short narratives.

Approaching Chicago Student Attainment from a Community Perspective

Key Findings

  • In 2019, high school graduation rates were similar across community areas; in most community areas the rates were between 70 and 90 percent. However, the rates for the same students by high school ranged from 49 percent to 99 percent.

  • In almost every community area in Chicago, more than 50 percent of 2019 high school graduates enrolled in a two-year or four-year college immediately after graduating from high school.

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