Leadership Pipeline

This is a multi-method study of the school leadership pipeline in Chicago Public Schools and the State of Tennessee. The study examines how leaders are identified and recruited; critical pre-service experiences; preparation and development; and aspects of the hiring process. The researchers study expect to identify processes that lead to stronger school leadership and improved student outcomes.

Pre-K Enrollment

This study explores the relationship between access to Pre-K enrollment sites, actual enrollment in Pre-K, and later academic outcomes. It describes Pre-K enrollment by student and neighborhood characteristics in great detail. Finally, it explores whether changes in CPS enrollment policies have helped achieve the goal of providing Pre-K opportunities to more students who are most likely to benefit from them.

Exposure to Community Violence

The UChicago Consortium is conducting a multi-year, mixed methods research project exploring the work of educators and schools serving students who live in Chicago communities experiencing high levels of violent crime.  The project combines administrative data from the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), publicly available crime data from the Chicago Police Department (CPD), student and teacher survey data from CPS elementary and high schools, and qualitative data from a selected sample of six CPS high schools in order to explore and understand the challenges and highlight the successes of educat

High School GPAs and ACT Scores as Predictors of College Completion

This is a working paper. Working papers are preliminary versions that are shared in a timely manner, with the aim of contributing to ongoing conversations in research and practice. They have not undergone the UChicago Consortium’s full internal review process, nor have they received external peer review. Views expressed in this paper do not necessarily reflect those of the UChicago Consortium or the University of Chicago. Any errors are the authors’ own.

Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson is a Project Manager for the Equitable Learning and Development Project (ELDP), a three-year collaborative project between the UChicago Consortium, CASEL, and the National Equity Project. As the ELDP Project Manager, Jessica works to strengthen the work and impact of the ELDP’s equity-based investigation of the tools and policies needed to create more equitable learning environments for students.

Laura Davis

Laura Davis is a Senior Research Analyst at the UChicago Consortium. As part of a larger study of organizational factors that influence school improvement across contexts, her current work investigates the ways teachers, administrators, and district leaders conceptualize and make use of data related to school climate. Laura’s research centers broadly on the production of inequality in education, targeting intersections between teacher practice and the schooling experiences of students from marginalized and historically underserved communities.

Paulina Torres

Paulina Torres is a Research Analyst at the UChicago Consortium. In this position, she works on the To&Through Project, which provides data and resources to educators, communities, and policymakers to increase the percentage of CPS students who move to and through high school and college. Prior to joining the UChicago Consortium, Paulina was a Research & Policy intern at EduDream, a Latina-owned education research and consulting firm, and a Research Assistant at Enlace’s Little Village Education Collaborative, a community-based research organization.

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