Believe the data

Steven Herkert is director of ROE services at Regional Office of Education 8. He is also a principal mentor with the Illinois Principals Association, and a passionate advocate for the 5Essentials Culture and Climate Survey. In this episode, he talks about mistakes he made as a principal, what he got right, and how principals can use data to make their schools better...

Skyline Early Literacy

To support learning acceleration post-pandemic, and ensure all teachers have access to high-quality instructional materials, Chicago Public Schools developed an all-inclusive system of online curricular resources, called Skyline, as well as related professional learning (PL). The Consortium is conducting a three-year mixed-methods study examining the ongoing implementation of Skyline+PL.

Kaitlyn Franklin

As a Research Analyst at the UChicago Consortium, Kaitlyn provides data and analytic support across Consortium projects by cleaning and building large-scale databases. She is currently working to identify key indicators of student success and academic attainment for English Learners in Chicago Public Schools. Before joining the Consortium, Kaitlyn served as the Education Policy intern for Clarke County School District in Athens, Georgia.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker has vowed to bring preschool to every Illinois child

In his second inaugural address this month, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker promised to “make preschool available to every family throughout the state” — a feat that will require solutions to staffing shortfalls, school capacity limitations and an increase to the state’s nearly $600 million early childhood education block grant program.

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