Alexandra Usher

Alexandra is an Associate Director of the To&Through Project and a Senior Research Analyst at the Consortium on School Research. Alexandra leads the research and data processes that inform the To&Through Project, which aims to increase the percentage of Chicago Public School students who graduate from high school and earn a college degree, and to share the learning from Chicago with education stakeholders across the country. Alexandra most recently led data strategy for the AUSL network of schools, and prior to that spent time at Chicago Public Schools and the Center on Education Policy. She is an Education Pioneers and Fulbright alumna. In her free time she enjoys reading, yoga, trying new foods, and exploring Chicago and the world.

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  • August 2020

    Applying Lessons from Freshman Success to Sophomore Year

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The Forgotten Year The Forgotten Year

Applying Lessons from Freshman Success to Sophomore Year

Report Aug 2020
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