CCSR's 2007 Survey Reports for Chicago Public Schools

December, 2007
Stuart Luppescu, Holly Hart, Todd Rosenkranz, Nicholas Montgomery, Susan Sporte, Penny Bender Sebring, and Christopher Mazzeo
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In spring 2007, the Consortium on Chicago School Research (CCSR) surveyed all Chicago Public School teachers and all students in grades six through twelve, receiving more than 158,000 responses. With this information, CCSR prepared an individualized report for every school with a sufficient response rate. We analyzed what students told us about their school experiences, attitudes, and activities and what teachers report about instruction in their classrooms, their professional development experiences, and the conditions under which they work. We then summarized these reports and gave them to schools to help them in their own planning process. Though schools may use the information presented in the reports in a variety of ways, the reports are confidential and may only be distributed with a school's permission.

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