If we applied the best research on how human beings learn and develop, what would classrooms, schools, and districts look like? How might we change the narrative and vision for educational equity to include the recognition of the brilliance and potential of every single child? How do we support educators in identifying and eliminating structural barriers to existing opportunitiesand creating new opportunities in school systems and communities? How might we build relationships and radical collaboration within and among cross-sector leaders (including parents and students) who have passion, expertise, and who can make change? How do we best support the field in redesigning learning experiences and opportunities that leverage social, emotional, and academic development to achieve equitable access and outcomes for all youth?

The Equitable Learning & Development Group conducts and translates academic research for an educator audience. We leverage social connectivity to contribute to the broad national movement to transform public schools. We work with educational leaders, principals, educators, and students, to identify how best to transform schools into joyous, intellectually challenging, and equitable learning environments for young people.