Key Questions

1. How many Kenwood students graduated within five years?

2. How many Kenwood students dropped out?

3. Were girls or boys performing better?

4. How many of the best students entering Kenwood graduated within five years?

5. How many of the most at-risk students dropped out?

6. Did the likelihood of graduating change depending on the elementary schools Kenwood students attended?

7. Did Kenwood students’ performance vary by the elementary school they attended?

8. Have Kenwood students been performing better over time?

9. How well are Kenwood freshmen performing in their two critical core courses?

10. How do CPS students perform as a whole?


Sample of the customized reports published for every Chicago public high school. Addresses graduation and dropout rates and the success of at-risk students. Tracks students by feeder schools and eighth-grade test scores.

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