Key Questions

1. What were the effects on schools from the effort to redesign Chicago high schools?

2. How did student performance change in CPS high schools during the period of high school reform?

3. What were teacher and student experiences in the newly designed small high schools?

4. What happened at particular schools with innovative designs?


In March 2001, the UChicago Consortium convened a group of national and Chicago-area education researchers to discuss recent and current research on high school reform efforts in Chicago. In keeping with the UChicago Consortium's commitment to enhancing understanding of the factors which affect student learning outcomes, members and representatives of a number of organizations with an interest in high school reform and education research—including teachers, principals, community organizations, advocacy groups, and the Chicago Public Schools—were also invited to attend the conference.

The UChicago Consortium commissioned written summaries of the formal oral presentations made at the conference. These summaries, reviewed and approved by the speakers, provide an interim record of the findings they presented. This conference was made possible by the support of the Chicago Community Trust.

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