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Want to help students improve their academic outcomes?

Improving how students experience their classrooms is a key step.


Cultivate supports educators in creating learning environments that can change what students believe and, thus, how they perform.


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Senior Research Associate

The Senior Research Associate will conduct original research consistent with the Consortium model, applying rigorous methods to answer questions of policy and practice in collaboration with educational stakeholders. The SRA will also co-direct the work of the Equitable Learning and Development Group developing and leading a nationally focused research agenda that centers student and educator experiences in schools. The candidate will also provide guidance to other researchers at the Consortium on how to conduct rigorous research and engage with policymakers and school practitioners.

Lessons with Alexandra Usher & Dr. Alexander Seeskin

This episode features a conversation with Alex Usher and Alex Seeskin from the University of Chicago. Alex Usher is Associate Director for Data Research at the University of Chicago’s To&Through Project and Senior Research Analyst for the UChicago Consortium on School Research. Alex Seeskin is Director of The To&Through Project, which is housed at the UChicago Urban Education Institute.

Student achievement has plummeted since COVID-19

Data released this week by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) demonstrated the devastating effect of the pandemic on the recent academic gains made by Chicago students.

In math, 41% of fourth graders were “below basic” — which NAEP defines as students not demonstrating the prerequisite fundamental skills they would need to be proficient in a subject — with roughly another 20% recognized as “proficient.” Also in math, 51% of eighth graders were considered below basic, with 16% achieving proficiency...

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