Camille A Farrington - Transforming children into well-prepared young adults

When the New York Times in a student opinion piece asked “How do you think American education could be improved?”, Skye Williams from Sarasota, Florida wrote, ”I think that the American education system can be improved by allowing students to choose the classes that they wish to take or classes that are beneficial for their future.

Research Analyst I

The Research Analyst I will support the work of Consortium and To&Through Project research teams as they design and implement studies. The successful candidate will contribute to the organization’s capacity to conduct highly-rigorous quantitative research on the Chicago Public Schools. The position requires someone with quantitative research and programming skills and a passion for doing meaningful work to improve schools The Research Analyst I will be responsible for cleaning and creating large-scale data bases and conducting detailed statistical analyses for research studies.

Aaryav Nagpal

Aaryav is a general Research Assistant for the UChicago Consortium. He is a fourth-year in the College double majoring in economics and public policy and minoring in human rights. Prior to joining the UChicago Consortium, he worked as an intern at an education-focused philanthropy fund called A Better Chicago and an arts education non-profit called The Simple Good. He is passionate about expanding educational opportunities and tackling the inequities that exist in current institutions. In his free time, Aaryav enjoys exploring the Chicago restaurant scene and going for evening walks.

Partnerships in action

Even to a casual observer, the research-practice partnerships “tent” has expanded considerably since the seminal 2013 paper by Coburn et al., Research-Practice Partnerships: A Strategy for Leveraging Research for Educational Improvement in School Districts. Whereas RPPs today operate at multiple levels of policy and practice and may comprise a wider range of partners than in the past, Coburn et al.’s scan of the relatively nascent landscape of partnerships was intended to focus on RPPs between researchers and school districts.

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