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Preview Not Available Career readiness programs score wins for job seekers and employers Dec 2022
Preview Not Available 'Somewhere I definitely wanted to be' Local student joins UChicago’s Class of 2027 Nov 2022
Preview Not Available CPS has reached some record-high attainment rates How equitably were outcomes distributed across communities? Feb 2022
Preview Not Available Use To&Through data tool to access community areas Nov 2021
Preview Not Available More Chicago students are going to college But their neighborhood can affect whether they graduate Nov 2021
Preview Not Available Opinion: In Chicago, public schools are often called a mess. Truth is, they’ve improved — a lot Aug 2021
Preview Not Available A maze, not a path For CPS grads, there’s no standard route from high school diploma to college degree. And the pandemic has added many detours Jun 2021
Preview Not Available CPS graduates during the pandemic 5 charts to help understand the trends Jun 2021
Preview Not Available New report busts four common myths about college completion May 2021
Preview Not Available Three Implications from Our Report on CPS College Enrollment and Retention During the Pandemic Apr 2021
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