Working for School Improvement: Reflections of Chicago Annenberg External Partners

March, 2004
Karen Sconzert, Mark A. Smylie, and Stacy A. Wenzel
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In 1995, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge launched a six-year initiative to improve Chicago Public Schools. The Challenge’s primary strategy was to group schools with common interests and needs into networks. Each network was paired with an external partner—an individual, group, or organization—to help strengthen school leadership and promote local school improvement.

This report draws on the experiences and insights of a sample of Chicago Annenberg external partners. The partners discuss what they learned about the challenges of working with schools, keys to successful school improvement, causes of failure, and the supports needed to work effectively with schools. These perspectives are useful for understanding how those working closely with schools see the task of school improvement and for understanding the role of partners in promoting improvement in the future. 

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