Sample Individual School Reports: Results about Postsecondary Preparation

April, 2006
Jenny Nagaoka, Ginger Stoker, Vanessa Coca and Melissa Roderick
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For the first time, the Consortium's annual survey of the Chicago Public Schools also included a survey of eleventh- and twelfth-grade students. In previous years, only students from grades six to ten were interviewed. For the 2005 survey, sophomores and juniors were queried about their plans for after high school.

Just as with our regular survey, schools with sufficient participation rates are given individual school reports detailing the survey results for their school. These reports are confidential and are not used for any accountability purposes. They are an excellent resource for school planning.

Results from the individual school reports on postsecondary preparation are displayed in six categories:

  • Seniors' plans and aspirations
  • Teacher and counselor support
  • School support for postsecondary planning
  • Ninth to twelfth grade student participation in postsecondary activities
  • Seniors' academic orientation
  • Parental support for postsecondary planning

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