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This is your school's report of the results of the surveys, Charting Reform: The Students Speak, and Charting Reform: The Teachers' Turn, 1994. The Consortium on School Research administered these surveys to sixth-, eighth-, and tenth-grade students and elementary and high school teachers during spring 1994. The purpose of the study was to collect reliable information on students' and teachers' views of the school environment, classroom learning, parent involvement, governance, and the professional work life of teachers. This report is intended to assist you in the assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your school and the effectiveness of improvement efforts you have under way.


Prairie Elementary School is a pseudonym for a representative Chicago public elementary school. Prairie School data from the 1994 teacher and student surveys were analyzed and keyed to the district's self-analysis guide for schools. Each school that participated in the surveys received a report similar to that of Prairie School.

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