Chicago High School Redesign Initiative: A Snapshot of the First Year of Implementation

August, 2003
Susan E. Sporte, Macarena Correa, Joseph E. Kahne, and John Q. Easton
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In the fall of 2002, Chicago created five new small high schools within three large, traditional high schools. This was the beginning of the Chicago Redesign Initiative, a policy change that will expand in the coming years in the Chicago Public Schools’ large-scale effort to improve essential supports to student achievement and school success.

In partnership with Mills College, the Consortium on Chicago School Research designed this short-term, interview-based study to understand the progress of these small schools’ in their inaugural year. Interviews with principals, teachers, students, and other stakeholders are summarized and quoted in this report and are followed by a series of questions that will inform future studies of Chicago’s new small schools.

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