David W. Johnson

Senior Research Analyst

David W. Johnson is a Senior Research Analyst at the UChicago Consortium.  Current projects include analysis of recent trends and school level efforts to improve pre-k attendance in Chicago Public Schools, as well as the development and support of a national network of school support organizations aimed at improving student outcomes and reducing educational inequity in schools across the country.  Previous research includes work exploring links between rising on-track rates and high school graduation, CPS IB students’ performance in post-secondary education, and the effects of changes to the student code of conduct on school discipline practices, student outcomes, and schools.  Johnson is involved in ongoing work on the development of reporting tools designed to help schools monitor and improve student outcomes across along multiple dimensions, including both high school and college performance, as well as efforts to address the contextual features of school and classroom climate that support students' noncognitive development.  Johnson is also involved in ongoing efforts to support local, state, and federal policy development surrounding the use of data systems and tools to improve student achievement at multiple levels.

Prior to joining the UChicago Consortium, Johnson taught elementary school in the Washington DC Public Schools.  Johnson earned a PhD in social service administration at the University of Chicago, where he also received his MA.  He also holds an MDiv from the University of Chicago and is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis.