Camille Farrington

Camille A. Farrington is a Managing Director and Senior Research Associate at the UChicago Consortium. She is a national expert on academic mindsets and the measurement of psychosocial factors in academic settings. Her research focuses on understanding how learning environments provide opportunities for positive developmental experiences for students, how young people make sense of daily schooling experiences, and how school structures and teacher practices shape students’ beliefs, behaviors, performance, and development. Camille is passionate about leveraging the science of learning and development in K-12 schools, identifying and disrupting inequitable structures and practices, supporting the ongoing growth and development of educators to lead profound change in schools, and ultimately transforming the daily schooling experience and life outcomes of educationally marginalized students and communities. Her book, Failing at School: Lessons for Redesigning Urban High Schools (2014, Teachers College Press), outlines one approach to equitable school redesign. All of Camille’s work is informed by her fifteen years’ experience as a public high school teacher. Working or not, Camille attempts to split her time as evenly as possible between Chicago, the best American city, and California, which is hands down the best state in the land.

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Foundations for Young Adult Success: A Developmental Framework Foundations for Young Adult Success

A Developmental Framework

Report Jun 2015
Readiness for College: The Role of Noncognitive Factors and Context Readiness for College

The Role of Noncognitive Factors and Context

Article Nov 2013
Teaching Adolescents to Become Learners: The Role of Noncognitive Factors in Shaping School Performance Teaching Adolescents to Become Learners

The Role of Noncognitive Factors in Shaping School Performance

Literature Review Jun 2012
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