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Preview Not AvailableCredit recoveryAre face-to-face classes better than online? Jul 2018
Preview Not AvailableThe politics of LA Unified's graduation rate May 2017
Preview Not AvailableResearchCredit recovery students do worse in online algebra classes than face-to-face Apr 2016
Preview Not AvailableTry againWhy online courses might not be the best way to teach students who are at risk of algebra failure Apr 2016
Preview Not AvailableOnline learning falls short without teacher-student interactionstudy Apr 2016
Preview Not AvailableStudy of CPS shows in-person remedial classes better than online Apr 2016
Preview Not AvailableDespite Loyola's resources, digital divide exists in Chicago Oct 2015
Preview Not AvailableWhy Chance the Rapper loves the Chicago Public Library Mar 2015
Preview Not AvailableY kicks off build out of MetaMedia center for youth Oct 2014
Preview Not AvailableSisOpsGirl-friendly tech programs May 2014
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