Ulrich Boser and Abel McDaniels
Center for American Progress Blog

Research alone does not change practice. This is true in every field, be it engineering, education, or law. Studies are not enough to shift the day-to-day practice and habits of professionals; just putting information into someone’s hands does not help them understand how to use that information to improve their work.

Part of the reason is human nature; change is difficult. Another reason is that it takes work to make a study relevant to what’s happening on the ground. Plus, practitioners are often skeptical of experts. Academics, after all, often seem far-removed from the daily work experience.

This issue brief attempts to address the research-practice gap in the education space. First, it describes some challenges in applying research to educational practice. It then outlines research-practice partnerships (RPPs)—mutually beneficial collaborations between research scientists and education leaders that can narrow the gap between research and practice.