Bronwyn McDaniel

Director of Outreach and Communication

Bronwyn McDaniel is the Director of Outreach and Communication at the UChicago Consortium. In this role, she oversees the UChicago Consortium's public informing efforts. She develops and implements a range of communication strategies, including social media outreach and the creation of new publication and communication tools, which make Consortium research accessible to a broad audience. She serves as organization's press liaison, writing press releases and maintaining relationships with local and national media. She oversees the communications staff, which produces research reports and manages UChicago Consortium's internal and external review processes.

Before joining the UChicago Consortium, she was part of the outreach and publication teams for the City University of New York's College Now and Creative Arts Team programs. McDaniel holds an MA in sociology and playwriting from New York University and a BA in English and sociology from Dominican University.