Thomas Massion

As a Research Analyst at the UChicago Consortium, Thomas works on The To&Through project to conduct statistical analysis and develop data tools for students, teachers, and administrators in CPS. Before coming to the UChicago Consortium, Thomas created software to improve data collection and storage in various contexts, including an initiative with the Department of Homeland Security on the allocation of diesel fuel for disaster relief and the database management of a high-frequency trading firm. Most recently, Thomas designed a mathematical model as part of a partnership between the World Wildlife Fund and the Institute of Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern for the optimization of Nepalese home construction with respect to cost and environmental impact. Thomas believes in the power of education as a vehicle to uplift historically marginalized populations, and he hopes to apply his engineering background at The To&Through Project by connecting technological insights and solutions to the needs of CPS communities. In his spare time, Thomas likes to make song instrumentals using FL Studio as well as play pick-up basketball and soccer.

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