Shantá R. Robinson is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago. She began her professional career as a high school history teacher in Charlotte, NC. Her interdisciplinary training in the sociology of education, qualitative methodologies, and the history of urban education systems provides a unique conceptual lens in examining how the problems of schooling and schooling problems are intersectionally connected to issues of difference, sameness, and power. From the social organization of urban schools, the exclusion of Black educators’ perspectives in educational history, to intragroup experiences of homeless youth, Dr. Robinson underscores factors contributing to imbalances in processes and outcomes and presents innovative directions towards more equitable schooling practices and policies. Her most recent work focuses on the educational experiences and occupational aspirations of adolescents experiencing homelessness. Her scholarly work is published in Urban Education, The Journal of Negro Education, International Studies in Sociology of Education, The High School Journal, and Review of Research in Education.

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