Paulina Torres-Orejuela

Paulina Torres-Orejuela is a Research Analyst at the UChicago Consortium. In this position, she works on the To&Through Project, which provides data and resources to educators, communities, and policymakers to increase the percentage of CPS students who move to and through high school and college. Prior to joining the UChicago Consortium, Paulina was a Research & Policy intern at EduDream, a Latina-owned education research and consulting firm, and a Research Assistant at Enlace’s Little Village Education Collaborative, a community-based research organization. In both of these roles, she contributed to research working towards the improvement of students’ educational outcomes in Chicago’s predominantly Latinx neighborhoods. Paulina is interested in using research as a tool to advance educational equity. She is inspired by scholars such as Derrick Bell and Tara J. Yosso, who have used frameworks of critical race theory to challenge dominant perspectives and uplift the narratives of marginalized communities.

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