Omeca Wadley

Omeca Wadley joined the Consortium as Special Assistant to the Executive Director. She has supported UChicago leadership in University Communications, the Office of Research and National Laboratories, and Arts + Public Life. She is a seasoned administrative professional with over 15 years of experience in areas of Real Estate, Healthcare, Development and Education.

During her time at UChicago, she has had an opportunity to lend assistance on some interesting internal and collaborative projects that include the University's Welcome Center, Architectural Guidebook, the bid for the Obama Library, and the committee for the Giant Magellan Telescope.

Omeca takes pride in being a team player and establishing methods that increase productivity. As Special Assistant to the Lewis-Sebring Director she lends administrative support to the UChicago Consortium on research projects that promote positive outcomes for CPS students. She is a wife and mother to one son, and in her spare time she is an avid crafter who designs cards, invitations and customized tees.

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