Matt Herndon (he/him) is the Development and Engagement Associate at the UChicago Consortium. In this role, he helps plan community events, workshops, and engagement activities, and assists partner organizations and the Consortium Investor Council with the goal of supporting more equitable outcomes for students. Prior to joining the UChicago Consortium, Matt worked as a preschool teacher and at Google in various capacities surrounding the recruitment and hiring process. Matt is currently an Education Pioneers Impact Fellow. At the core of Matt’s mission is the belief that schools are invaluable as community centers and that all students deserve access to an education that helps them thrive and live as their full, authentic selves. Striving for social justice, as well as reimagining and building a more equitable and inclusive future are central to his work. In his free time, Matt loves to explore Chicago with his wife and their dog, live music, shared public spaces, art in all its forms, coffee, and soul food.

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