Karina Kling

Karina Kling is a PhD student and Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Fellow in the Department of Psychology working with Susan Levine in the Cognitive Development Lab. Her research interests occupy the intersection between math, psychology, and education, specifically centered upon student learning processes and instructional strategies; with focused investigations that study the acquisition of specific mathematical concepts combined with contextualization of the learning environment, her research aims to inform practical, equitable, and effective education practices. Karina’s passion for mathematics education was encouraged by her experience as an instructional assistant for the Polk Brothers Program for Mathematics Teachers, a set of specialty courses for teachers from Chicago Public Schools designed to introduce the beauty of mathematics and provide practical teaching advice for STEM instructors. Her work as a former Director of Internal Review Process and current Certification Team Co-Lead with the education nonprofit Schoolhouse.world continues to inform her excitement at continuing research in the education domain with the goal of making math interesting and accessible to all learners.

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