Amy Arneson

Amy Arneson is a Senior Research Associate at the UChicago Consortium, leading and supporting mixed-methods research projects with advanced quantitative analysis, visualization, and modeling. She focuses on conducting rigorous, meaningful, and timely research and, importantly, making the results accessible so that they can be used by educators to improve college and career outcomes for public school students – often leveraging data visualization tools like Tableau. She applies her methodological expertise to examinations of secondary, post-secondary, and workforce transitions with a focus on the outcomes of career and technical education programs. Additionally, she examines teacher pipelines and the policies that support positive perceptions of school climate for both the students and adults working in schools.

Amy has worked in the education field for 15 years, first as a high school math and statistics teacher. Her time in the classroom ignited and continues to fuel her passion for improving educational systems and student outcomes. She is an alumna of the Harvard Strategic Data Project fellowship and supported education systems and providers with research and technical assistance across the U.S. before settling in Chicago. Amy spends her free time quilting, baking savory pies, and biking around Chicago.

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Removing Police Officers from Chicago Schools: Trends and Outcomes Removing Police Officers from Chicago Schools

Trends and Outcomes

Brief Jun 2024
The Four Years Fallacy: Four-Year vs. Six-Year Bachelor’s Degree Completion Rates The Four Years Fallacy

Four-Year vs. Six-Year Bachelor’s Degree Completion Rates

Report Dec 2023
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