2016 Spring SREE Conference

Researchers from the UChicago Consortium will present new findings from a number of studies at the 2016 spring Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE) conference in Washington DC, from Wednesday, March 2 to Saturday, March 5. 

-The Realities and Promise of Data Use in Early Childhood Education
Stacy Ehrlich, Julia Gwynne, and Elaine Allensworth
Thursday, March 3, 9:00 am

-Interventions That Promote Secondary School Success
Elaine Allensworth, Paul Moore, Lauren Sartain, and Marisa de la Torre
Thursday, March 3, 1:00 pm

-Expanding the Reach of a Tool of Organizational Outcomes
Stacy Ehrlich, Molly Gordon, Joshua Klugman, Penny Sebring, Susan Sporte, and Stuart Luppescu
Friday, March 4, 8:00 am

-Enhancing Teacher Efficacy from Multiple Perspectives
Jennie Jiang, Susan Sporte, and Stuart Luppescu
Saturday, March 5, 10:00 am