2013 AERA Presentations

Researchers from UChicago Consortium presented new findings from a number of studies at the 2013 American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference in San Francisco, CA, from Saturday, April 27 to Wednesday, May 1.

-Remixing teens, digital media, and libraries: Evidence on an innovation
Penny Sebring and Eric Brown
Sunday, April 28, 4:05 - 5:35

-Online and face-to-face credit recovery in Algebra I for at-risk ninth graders
Elaine Allensworth and Amber Stitziel Pareja
Sunday, April 28, 4:05 - 6:05

-Reasons for preschool absences: How do parental experiences influence school attendance in the early years?
Stacy Ehrlich, Amber Stitziel Pareja, Julia Gwynne, and Elaine Allensworth
Monday, April 29, 8:15 - 10:15

-The importance of school climate for attendance in the early grades
Julia Gwynne, Stacy Ehrlich, and Elaine Allensworth
Monday, April 29, 8:15 - 10:15

-The early college high school initiative: Findings from the National Impact Study
Elaine Allensworth, discussant
Tuesday, April 30, 12:10 - 1:40

-Solving the dropout crisis? Evaluating increases in ninth grade on-track rates
Melissa Roderick, Thomas Kelley-Kemple, Nicole Beechum, David Johnson, and Courtney Thompson
Wednesday, May 1, 12:25 - 1:55