Julia Gwynne

Managing Director and Senior Research Scientist

Julia Gwynne is a Managing Director and Senior Research Scientist at the UChicago Consortium. She is trained as a sociologist with expertise in the social organization of schools.  Gwynne's current work focuses on the implementation of new science and mathematics standards aimed at improving student achievement. She is co-leading two studies that examine teachers’ professional learning activities related to the new standards and assess whether student outcomes have changed since standards adoption. A second of line of work focuses on charter high schools in CPS. This study examines enrollment patterns in charter high schools and compares the academic performance of students who enroll in these schools to similar students who enroll in non-charter high schools.  Gwynne's previous work focused on high school and college readiness and the use of early warning indicators to identify students at risk of dropping out, particularly with groups such as English Language Learners and students with disabilities. In addition, she has also conducted research on student mobility, school closings, and classroom instructional environments. She received her doctoral degree in sociology from the University of Chicago.