Reports on High School Reform in Chicago

August, 2009
SRI International and the Consortium on Chicago School Research
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From SRI International: Maria I. Abasi, Lauren Cassidy, Daniel C. Humphrey, Raymond McGhee, Jr., Patrick M. Shields, Marjorie E. Wechsler, and Viki M. Young

From CCSR: Macarena Correa, Holly M. Hart, Joy Lesnick, Lauren Sartain, Susan E. Sporte, and Sara Ray Stoelinga

A series of five reports on district efforts to improve high schools in the Chicago Public Schools. The first report provides an overview of the findings, followed by individual reports on three major district reform initiatives, Instructional Development Systems (IDS), Renaissance 2010, and Autonomous Performance Management Schools (AMPS). The final report describes findings from a preliminary examination of instructional practices in high schools across all initiatives. 

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