Local Impact

Examples of the Local Impact of UChicago CCSR Work 

Teacher evaluation
UChicago Consortium conducted a study of a CPS pilot teacher evaluation system that used the Charlotte Danielson Framework for observing teacher practice. The results showed that a new teacher observation tool, when accompanied by professional development, can effectively measure teacher effectiveness and provide teachers with feedback on the factors that matter for improving student learning. Consortium researchers worked regularly with CPS during the pilot and provided training to principals on the observation components that they found the least clear. Based on the evidence from the study, the Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union agreed to adopt the Charlotte Danielson Framework, with some modification. The State Board also approved the Charlotte Danielson Framework as the preferred observation tool for implementing a new teacher evaluation law. In addition, it is drawing heavily on the Consortium study to provide training for principals across the state in order to certify them to evaluate teachers.

Postsecondary enrollment and success
Consortium researchers collaborated with the Department of Postsecondary Education at CPS to develop a postsecondary tracking system. CPS was the first large urban district in the country to receive and use student-level information about college enrollment across the U.S. from the National Student Clearinghouse, and Consortium researchers worked with district analysts to develop methods for using those data. Subsequent Consortium research provided the analysis for developing critical indicators and helping schools develop strategies around improving college enrollment, while CPS developed data tracking systems, interventions and school practices to support students’ post-secondary success.  CPS was the first district to develop a tracking system for FASFA completion and to produce reports for individual high schools on the success of their graduates in attending and persisting in college. The U.S. Department of Education is now piloting FAFSA tracking systems in 18 sites.   In CPS, since 2007, FASFA completion by the end of March has risen from 30.2% to 86.1%, and since 2004 four-year college attendance has risen from 26.2% to 36.2%.