Hyde Park Herald

The University of Chicago’s Consortium of School Research recently published a report that shows English Learners who start in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) in Kindergarten progress to eighth grade with similar or better academic achievement than their peers who are proficient in English.

“Available public data provides an incomplete picture of the academic performance of ELs, because they are based only on active English Learners—those students who have not yet reached proficiency on a state English test—at a specific moment in time,” said Marisa de la Torre, senior research associate and managing director at the UChicago Consortium in a CPS press release. “The Consortium study is different because for the first time we analyzed the long-term trajectories of 18,000 CPS students who began kindergarten as ELs and followed their progress all the way through eighth grade. EL students are making progress, but the growth is not apparent when you’re looking at different groups of students each year.”