Holly Hart

Holly Hart is currently Survey Director at the UChicago Consortium. In this position she oversees survey content development and research on 5Essentials and Early Education Essentials surveys. Holly is a mixed-methods researcher with a background in psychology and adult development. Before joining the Consortium, Holly oversaw survey research on a variety of topics at the Survey Research Lab at UIC. As a Senior Research Associate at the UChicago Consortium, she has conducted a number of studies focused on teachers and principals at different points of their careers. Her teacher-focused work has included studies of teacher training and coaching by the Urban Teacher Education Program and the Chicago New Teacher Center. She has also studied Chicago’s REACH teacher evaluation system. Her research on principals ranges from principal preparation in Chicago and Illinois, to an Institute of Education Sciences study of the key mechanisms through which school leaders influence student achievement. In her spare time, Holly enjoys trying new recipes from a variety of different cuisines.

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Improving Chicago's Schools: Torvalds Improving Chicago's Schools


Report Sep 2003
Educational Technology: Its Availability and Use in Chicago's Public Schools Educational Technology

Its Availability and Use in Chicago's Public Schools

Report Sep 2002
Improving Chicago's Schools: Pablo Neruda High School Improving Chicago's Schools

Pablo Neruda High School

Report Sep 2001
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