Our Impact

“The research…the Consortium on Chicago School Research produced was like a compass for those of us who were working so hard to reform the schools there.”

–Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education and Former CEO of Chicago Public Schools

UChicago ConsortiumImpact and Influence

For more than 20 years, educators, policymakers, and citizens from Chicago and around the country have regularly turned to Consortium research to gain a deeper understanding of the state of public schooling in Chicago and the factors that matter most for student learning in urban schools.

Local Impact

Central to UChicago Consortium’s work is our strong collaborative relationship with the Chicago Public Schools. Over the years, our careful investigations of CPS practices and policies have identified a number of critical issues, and CPS has used those findings to improve school practice. Our research has the greatest impact when Consortium researchers work closely with colleagues at CPS to support the district's research, evaluation, and planning activities. Click here for examples of UChicago Consortium local impact.

National Impact

While UChicago Consortium focuses on one district—the Chicago Public Schools—we study topics that have relevance beyond the immediate region. Consortium researchers are active participants in policy, practice, and research discussions occurring across the country.  Groups from other cities—and even other nations—regularly consult our research analysts to learn about and replicate our innovative approach to longitudinal applied research and our commitment to community engagement and education. The National Research Council has even recommended UChicago Consortium as a model for better linking research, policymaking, and practice.  Click here for examples of UChicago Consortium national impact.

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on NBC’s Today Show

Watch Meredith Vieira interview U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on NBC's Today Show where they discuss When Schools Close.