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Students who attend preschool regularly are significantly more likely than chronically-absent preschoolers to be ready for kindergarten and to attend school regularly in later grades. 

There is a relationship between preschool absences and students’ scores on measures of kindergarten readiness in math, letter recognition, and social-emotional development, as well as assessments of second-grade reading fluency.  Preschool absenteeism negatively affects students in kindergarten and early elementary school.  Students who miss more preschool have lower kindergarten readiness scores, and students who are chronically absent in preschool are more likely to be chronically absent in kindergarten and have lower second grade reading scores.

What We’ve Learned

Early Childhood

Does pre-k attendance matter? How can we prepare students to transition from pre-k to kindergarten? What tools could help early childhood education leaders improve their programs and their students’ development?

Elementary & Middle School

What is the best indicator in elementary and middle school that students will be ready for high school? How is attendance related to school performance in the primary grades? How are eighth-graders using the GoCPS system for high school admission?

High School

How can high school educators improve graduation rates, starting in ninth grade?

College & Career

What academic and non-academic factors influence students’ college choices, access, and success?

Teachers & Leaders

How can principals and teachers best improve student learning gains? What do we know about teacher evaluation in Chicago? How have changes to Illinois principal preparation requirements affected education in the state?

District & Policy
  • May 2019

    A First Look at Ninth-Grade Applications, Offers, and Enrollment

  • May 2018

    Staff and Student Experiences and Academic Outcomes

How have district policies affected students? What options does CPS offer families, and how might they be evaluated?

Equitable Learning and Development

If we applied the best research on how human beings learn and develop, what would classrooms, schools, and districts look like?


What tools and data could help school leaders improve their students’ learning gains? What tools could help early childhood education leaders improve their programs and their students’ development?

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